Lucy Bee & the Secret Gene, $19.95, by Anne Ingram, is a novel for 8-12 year old readers. 
Who is Lucy Bee? She always thought she was Lucy Bennett. Then everything about her world starts changing. Bits of it, important bits, keep flying apart. Are her parents really her parents? Does she really belong to the Bennett family? She has to find out. She decides to track her genes.

The idea for this novel came about when the author had a children's bookstore. Young readers of around 8-12 would come in wanting books about their lives, their families, their schools, their friends. This is that novel.  Lucy Bee is bullied at school because she is a little different.  She suddenly realises that she doesn't look much like her parents. Is she adopted? Was she swapped at birth? How can she find out?  With her best friend, Megan's help, she goes on a gene hunt, tracing the path of her genes through her family...    

"This is one of those stories you simply do not want to put down. It is a book I feel will do very well indeed." (Around the Bookshops)

Lucy Bee Cover


      Sea Robbers Cover

 Sea Robbers $12

Ben, on holiday in Borneo, dreams of meeting modern day pirates.  He wonders what they are really like, where they live ...     When he accidently stumbles on a pirate camp, he gets the chance to find out. His adventure brings him friendship with Mahmood, a Malay of his own age.  Their cultural differences provide a window into a world other than their own, and each becomes the richer for it.                      The author wrote this novel while living in Singapore.

"The graphic cover tells you at once this is going to be a fast paced story" (Around the Bookshops)

" exciting adventure about piracy and kidnapping in Borneo" (Dominion Post)

"At 86 pages, the author manages to pack a lot of action into the tale, interspersed with an obvious knowledge of the country she writes about.  ...she does a ripping job."  (The Chronicle)

"...a gripping story that embraces the Malayan and New Zealand cultures."  (Northland Tiimes)

 Golden Legends of Korea $10 ;    Golden Legends of Vietnam   $10 ;   Golden Legends of the Philppines $10.    Set of 3   $25


Traditional legends and folktales from Asia - creation myths, animal tales, 'how and why' stories, stories of heroism, adventure and romance.

Legends and folktales are the attempts of ordinary people to explain the nature of the world around them.  All cultures create their own, but the stories of a particular culture possess universal truths and themes common to that of other cultures as these collections show. 

Each book has 60 pages, is illustrated in full colour, has from 12-15 stories, an introduction to the country's history and culture, and a glossary, providing a useful resource for the English and Social Science curricular.

The author spent a number of years living in Asia researching and writing these legends.

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