Sea Robbers

Sea Robbers

Anne Ingram

New Zealander Ben has his holiday in Borneo well worked out. His plans include windsurfing, snorkelling and lazing by the pool. They definitely don’t include tours to cultural villages that his mother insists he come on. But it’s during a tour, that Ben meets Mahmood, a Malaysian boy his own age. The two have barely become friends when they are thrust into a world far more menacing that Ben could have imagined – the dangerous world of modern day pirates.
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When I lived in Singapore, I was amazed to read report after report in The Straits Times about pirate attacks along the Malaysian coastline. Pirates! In this day and age? But it was true. Then I visited Borneo and heard more stories about pirates stealing up rivers and attacking villages. Imagination took over. I knew I had to write about them, so I did. Sea Robbers was my first novel.

A gripping tale of adventure – Valerie Scott

An exciting adventure about piracy and kidnapping in Borneo – The Dominion Post

The author does a ripping job. She manages to pack a lot of action into the tale, interspersed with an obvious knowledge of the country she writes about. The Chronicle.

A neat book for teenagers that embraces New Zealand and Malay cultures. – Bay of Plenty Times

A good storyline with rounded characters – New and Notable